Dhanbad fitness industry calls on government to change second shutdown order

Authorization sought to operate with 50% capacity

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Posted 07.04.21, 20:20

Gym owners and fitness trainers on Wednesday called for the relaxation of the state’s decision to close all fitness centers due to the increase in Covid cases.

The protesters led by the president of the Dhanbad Gymnasium Owners Association, Gautam Tiwari, handed a memorandum to the deputy commissioner of Dhanbad informing him of the financial difficulties they were facing during the pandemic and thus called for changes to the ordinance concerning the closing of gymnasiums. They requested authorization to operate gymnasiums with a capacity of 50%, in accordance with the authorization given to restaurants.

Tiwari said: “We are the worst victims of the pandemic and the resulting restrictions, as we were the last sector to be allowed to reopen, but the government first reimposed the restriction on us.”

“The financial situation of the majority of gym owners has become precarious, as many of those who have purchased their equipment by taking loans from banks or finance companies do not pay IMEs and risk losing their equipment,” he said. Tiwari said.

“A lot of others haven’t even been able to pay the rent in the past eight months,” he said.

Sonali Roy, manager of a women’s gymnasium in Katras, said: “We cannot understand the reason for the mother-in-law treatment for us when hotels, restaurants, markets etc. are open. “

“On the one hand, there are no restrictions in the places where the elections are held and on the other hand, all the restrictions are applied to those people who are ready to follow the standards,” she said. declared.

“The shutdown, in addition to affecting operators like us, is also affecting the livelihoods of a large number of people associated with us, such as coaches, sweepers, peons, security guards etc.” said Roshan Gupta, a Jharia-based fitness expert.