The government commission studied the problems of entrepreneurs

In Bukhara, the Republican Government Commission held an open dialogue with representatives of economic entities.

The chairman of the committee, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade, Sardor Umurzakov, studied appeals from the business world.

The event brought together the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, the Business Ombudsman, the Prime Minister’s offices for entrepreneurs, the Central Bank, committees of State of taxes and customs, as well as heads of sectors, organizations and agencies concerned.

Despite the difficult pandemic period of 2020, the number of foreign-invested enterprises in the region has increased from 79 in 2016 to 305. To date, $ 212 million in foreign direct investment has been spent.

By the end of the year, more than $ 240 million in foreign direct investment and loans had been disbursed, bringing the annual forecast to 100%. According to the regional investment program implemented in the region, as of January of this year, 597 projects worth $ 6.6 trillion had been implemented. In sum, 14,893 new jobs were created.

The number of small businesses active in production, trade and services in the region has reached 28,200 people.

Half of this figure is significant as companies created or suspended in the past three years have been relaunched. “ After the visit of the president of our country to our region on February 16 and 17, 2018, we also received a total of 1.5 thousand hectares of land in the regions as a promising project, ” Bakhtiyor Dzhuraev said, leader of Bukhara Brilliant. Silk LLC.

“We have planted 13 million mulberry seedlings on the allocated land, established plantations and expanded our business. In the past three years, we have exported $ 13 million worth of goods. However, due to the pandemic that started last year, our factory’s production capacity has dropped from 50% to 15% now.

The reason for this is supply problems with raw materials and our mulberry plantations have declined. Currently we have mulberry plantations in 5 districts of the region and we cultivate silkworms to order. We will never be satisfied with this and we need practical help to come out of bankruptcy.

If we had been given land, we would have completed the project in six months, finished construction, introduced foreign technology, and started work.

The bottom line is that in less than a year we will be able to prepare the product for export, and we will be able to hire at least a hundred more people. “ In the village of Afshona, Peshkun region, there is an initiative to build an ancient historical and ethnic village for customers from our region, foreign tourists, dating back to the 10th century, ” said Mirakhmad Boltaev, a local entrepreneur and chief of Munirshokh. .

-Mirahmad Service LLC. – But so far, 2 hectares of land that should have been allocated to us has turned out to belong to one of the farms in the area.

– But so far, 2 hectares of land that should have been allocated to us has turned out to belong to one of the farms in the area.

The event, which took place without formalities and without open dialogue with commercial entities, received 373 applications. Each call was discussed with the participation of relevant officials, heads of ministries and departments. Conditions and measures have been established for their systematic solution.

In addition, entrepreneurs and young people wishing to expand their activities and export opportunities, to implement business projects, received detailed information on banking and credit policies, changes in land distribution, tax incentives. The meeting was attended by the khokim (governor) of the Bukhara region Botir Zaripov.

Source: OuzA