Hearing scheduled for man charged with murder of missing Amish girl

Kidnapping and homicide suspect Justo Smoker could have his first hearing on new charges next week, according to court records online.

Smoker is the prime suspect in the disappearance of 18-year-old Linda Stoltzfoos and Smoke was charged with her homicide last week.

A preliminary hearing on the new homicide charge is set for December 30, according to court records online.

Smoker, 34, from the Canton of Paradis, has been in detention since July 11, when he was arrested for kidnapping and false imprisonment in connection with Stoltzfoos’ disappearance.

He became the prime suspect after witnesses saw Stoltzfoos get into a red Kia, which investigators were able to link to Smoker. Despite several extensive searches in Lancaster County, his body has never been found.

“Based on the evidence gathered over the past six months, our office has approved the filing of a complaint alleging that Smoker killed Linda after kidnapping her on her way home from church on Beechdale Road in Township of ‘Upper Leacock,’ the prosecutor’s office said in a statement. Press release.

District Attorney Heather Adams said due to the circumstances surrounding Stoltzfoos’ disappearance, they still feared “she would suffer a tragic fate.”

Efforts to locate Stoltzfoos are ongoing.

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