Matt Damon interviewed TAB’s Live Today Show in Australia

Honorary Australian Matt damon just gave an interview in the United States Today’s show a local Australian TAB and a muuuuum, can we keep it?

During the interview, the actor was asked about the news that his boyfriend Ben affleck would have rekindled his romance with his ex-fiancee Jennifer lopez after the couple were pictured vacationing together in Montana. Damon said he couldn’t spill tea, but said he hopes it’s true because “that would be awesome.”

“There isn’t enough alcohol in the world for you to make me say something about it,” he said live from the TAB.

“I love them both,” Damon said. “I hope that’s true. It would be great.”

The actor attended a domestic violence charity event in Brisbane last week and, according to a Reddit post, he made an epic donation of $ 10,000 to the cause.

The actor, who is in town filming the new Thor film, attended the domestic violence charity event hosted by the Safe Haven charity with his miss, Luciana Barroso.

According to the Reddit post of the daughter of Denise hunter, the woman who founded the company, Matt Damon donated $ 10,000 to the cause because, as stated earlier in this article, he is an absolute angel sent from heaven.

Taste the glorious picture of Matt Damon with Denise Hunter:

My mother founded an association that fights against domestic violence. At a fundraising lunch, Matt Damon came over and donated $ 10,000 from Australia

According to Denise’s daughter, Matt Damon was “really interested” in the topic of domestic violence and stayed throughout the event.

The Courier Mail reports that the two attended the lunch to learn more about the issues with coercive control.

“He took the time to call and have lunch, and he was fantastic,” said Jaeneen Cunningham, executive director of the organization represented above.

“I spoke to his wife and she said it was a fantastic thing that we were doing and that they were more educated after the event.

All money raised through donations will be used to provide early intervention and housing for women and children. Go here to learn more about the work Safe Haven does.

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