Butte named one of the best places to find a high paying sales job Regional

BUTTE, Mont. – A recent survey with data collected from over 50,000 employers across North America revealed that Butte was one of the cities with the highest percentage of well-paying sales jobs available.

Ladders, Inc. is an online job search service that collects employment data weekly.

CEO Marc Cenedella said in a press release: “The economy is accelerating and our Ladder data shows that sales professionals are in high demand right now. Many job seekers will be surprised that they don’t necessarily have to commit to a big city to meet their income goals. The list includes many small and medium sized markets.

The chart below includes Ladders, Inc. data on the cities with the highest percentage of their six-figure total jobs available in sales.


Percentage of the city’s total well-paying jobs available for sale

Odessa-Midland, Texas


Corpus Christi, Texas


Tallahassee, Florida


Jackson, MS


London, ON


Little Rock, Alaska


Butte, MT


Charleston, West Virginia


New Orleans, LA


Birmingham, Alabama


Data courtesy: Ladders, Inc.

Of the 50,000 companies surveyed by Ladders, the data found around 150 six-figure jobs currently available in Butte.

Well-paying jobs available as a percentage:

  • Accounting & Finance-11.41%
  • Engineering and construction-3.3%
  • Health-11.41%
  • RH-2.68%
  • Marketing-10.07%
  • Operations-5.37%
  • Project and program management -5.37%
  • Science and education-.67%
  • Technology-34.23%

The highest percentage for The Mining City is tech and one of the top-rated STEM schools in the country, Montana Tech, along with some of the area’s top employers could be a reason.

“A lot of it comes from you know Montana Tech, NorthWestern Energy, our hospital and the one that wasn’t on the list is Montana Resources, the mine here in town,” Joseph Willauer, director Local development company of the Butte mentionned. “I can’t speak to what jobs are actually available at these companies, but they are our biggest employers and they pay some of the best salaries in our community. “

According to the Montana Tech website, the median starting salary for graduates 2019 at the School of Mines and Engineering was $ 65,000.

Butte named one of the best places to find a high paying sales job

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