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Recent Ronan High School graduate Sariel Sandoval created a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds for her to attend University of California Berkeley School of Engineering.

RONAN – Sariel Sandoval, a member of the CSKT tribe who graduated from Ronan High School, has been admitted to the University of California-Berkeley Engineering School, but the school does not provide scholarships / grants to overseas students. which affects their ability to attend. On May 21, the determined student launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds so she could enroll in college this fall.

Sandoval is the daughter of Cristen Morigeau-TwoTeeth and Antoine Sandoval. She was born and raised on the Flathead Indian Reservation and is Bitterroot Salish and Dine ‘. She graduated from Ronan High School on May 30 and was recently admitted to the University of California-Berkeley to study Engineering: Mathematics / Statistics and is considering a double major or minor in Native American Studies.

She spoke on important issues such as cultural appropriation, missing and murdered indigenous women, Indian education for all and the privilege of dismantling for speeches and debates where she placed second in State, third national qualifications. She is a Tribal Health Community Leader, HOOPA Mountain Indigenous scholar from Promins, and participates in We Are the Youth Of Montana vs. MT State where she provides the Indigenous perspective on how Montana affects climate change.

Berkeley is the perfect college for Sandoval’s future goals and she intends to return to help her people, tribe and community.

Unfortunately, the University of California school system does not provide funding for out-of-state, only in-state students, and the amount of loans it could take out is not even the quarter of the cost price. . After finding out this information, most told Sandoval to go to a public school for less money because she couldn’t afford Berkeley. She and her mom talked about it and she came to the conclusion that she could at least try to fundraise through scholarships and things she said. She always sends out scholarship applications, but feels like not everything she gets will cover the cost.

Sandoval said it would cost her $ 69,022 for a year in school and the scholarships she got would not cover the full cost. So far, she has received scholarships from the CSKT Higher Ed, the Elouise Cobell Scholarship and the Ronan Women’s Club. Some scholarship deadlines were at the end of May, but many deadlines passed before she knew she had been accepted at Berkely. She said many scholarships she had applied for were for specific schools and public schools.

The GoFundMe campaign came about because she said she saw someone else who was also going to Berkeley to raise $ 60,000 and her mother suggested she think about it.

Although the school does not provide scholarships / grants for out of state students, Sandoval is determined to achieve her goals and her gaze is on Berkley. As of this week, the campaign has reached $ 16,500 of its goal of $ 50,000.

Sandoval plans to live on campus and has applied to Berkeley Native American Theme House. The House is an on-campus residential program that seeks to nurture the future of Indigenous leaders.

The GoFundMe campaign can be accessed here:

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