Letter to the editor: the delegation should reintroduce the bill for the protection of rivers | Letters

For over a decade, I ran a small non-profit organization in Bozeman that provides opportunities for self-discovery, growth, learning and adventure for young people through whitewater kayaking experiences. . For a program focused on whitewater kayaking programs for kids, we often discuss that it’s not really kayaking. Kayaks are simply the vehicles we use to teach young people clear communication, confidence, challenges and their relationship to our environment. Montana’s free-flowing rivers are our must-have classrooms.

As such, I was excited when Sen. Tester introduced the Montana Headwater Safety Act last summer, making real the possibility of over 300 miles of Montana rivers earning the Wild and Scenic designation by incorporating 17 new river sections into the system. national. This includes rivers like the Upper Gallatin, Upper Madison, and Upper Yellowstone. This prestigious designation would help maintain the pristine and unique characteristics of these rivers. I encourage Senator Tester, Senator Daines and Representative Rosendale to reintroduce MHLA in this legislative session.

Whether you enjoy the tranquil scenery while fishing the boulder or enjoy crossing the Gallatin rapids from one watershed to another, these free-flowing rivers support an irreplaceable way of life and a strong outdoor recreation economy. air. Wild and scenic river designations will protect our quality of life, our businesses and ensure these experiences are available for future generations. For me, it protects the smiles and sense of accomplishment we see in our young participants as the waves crash onto the decks of their colorful kayaks and they successfully navigate the white waters of southwest Montana. .

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