Should Ubisoft bother with Far Cry 7?

December 19, 2021

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Ubisoft could make Far Cry 7 another bestseller but it would be nice to move away from the same format and explore something different.

Far cry has always been an outstanding franchise in the video game industry, but a Far cry 7 the release date is still probably years away. Over the years, Ubisoft has made changes to the franchise but also kept the same basic standards. However, making a good game under the same name with the same outline can only last a while. So should Ubisoft bother with Far cry 7? While the Far cry the franchise is great, it falls into a repetitive form of open world maps with crazed rulers and a protagonist who’s always in a “fish out of the water” scenario, and the repetition has gotten stale with each Far cry following.


In each Far cry, the map must be completed in regions or sections. Each area has its own unique characters and stories. This formation has been overused and appears in the three Far cry stories. Fighting against people who control an area also appears in almost every game. In Far Cry 3, Vaas is the villainous pirate known for his volatile behavior. Pagan min in Far cry 4 killed his allies and fled to a small state. In Far Cry 5, Joseph Seed is an influential and charismatic leader by faith. Its path is to lead the inhabitants of Montana to reach Eden’s Gate. Antón Castillo is the main antagonist and a dictator of Far Cry 6, Reinforce the series’ penchant for villains who are mad leaders.

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While power, growth, and greed seem to fuel all four titles, other gameplay elements are repeated like “guns for hire” and “fangs for hire”. Having a companion on a mission seems to be privileged in the franchise as it plays a role in the majority of Far cry Games. Boomer, who made his first appearance in Far Cry 5, seemed to have an update in Far cry 6 under the name of Boom Boom. Far cry 6 has cute companions and they’re nice to have in battle, but it would be nice to tie the player up to just one companion and grow a relationship throughout the game.

Far Cry 7 should avoid the same repetition as in previous games

Far Cry 6 Side Quest Destroy the Enemy

Side missions and quests have also become repetitive in Far cry games, like freeing outposts and burning fields to weaken the antagonist. In Far cry 3 the player must burn fields of marijuana, and in Far Cry 4, these are fields of opium. Far cry 5 is known to burn flowers called Bliss which make citizens listen to Joeseph Seed. Far cry 6The main story revolves around the tobacco fields that help the economy, and the protagonist burns them as well.

Ubisoft could easily pump Far cry 7, and it could be the next big seller for the studio, but at some point Ubisoft will have to move away from the Far cry frankness and the same repetitiveness that has continued over the years. Ubisoft is quite capable of creating a great linear story with adorable characters in an immersive world. Although Far cry 7 is said to be a live service game in development, it would be nice to see Ubisoft take a different direction to Far cry at one point.

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