ND at $ 149 million in federal rent assistance

January 10, 2022

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North Dakota is preparing to return $ 149 million in rent assistance to the federal government.

According to Grand Forks Herald, North Dakota “is set to return $ 149 million of the $ 352 million it received from the federal government’s emergency rent assistance program.” Why is North Dakota trying to send all this money back? Well, a representative from the North Dakota Department of Social Services reportedly said it was unrealistic for that amount of money to be spent in the state. But housing advocates believe more needs to be done before funds are returned.

It turns out that many North Dakotas who need help have yet to receive help.

You don’t have to dig very deep to find that the Rental Assistance Program is perfect. When you go to North Dakota Help is here website, the first thing you see on the site is where you can go for help. Scrolling down to the next item on the page reveals that there are so many requests for help that North Dakota Housing Services cannot keep up with the responses.

Will people in North Dakota who are waiting for rent assistance be able to get help?

There would be a deadline for spending the $ 149 million. But if people are clearly having trouble getting the promised aid, why wouldn’t North Dakota try to get an extension to send the money back? Hopefully those who need help can get it before the funds come back.

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