Rochester Mosque Receives Special Labor Grant

March 27, 2022

Montana Economy

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St Paul (KROC AM News) – A religious organization in Rochester was the only recipient of a special state labor grant in southeast Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) announced the recipients of the Targeted Community Capital Project grants on Friday.

According to ACT:
In recognition of the statewide impact of COVID-19, natural disasters and civil unrest that has occurred over the past two years, the 2021 Minnesota Legislature has authorized $18 million to DEED to administer this competitive grant program, providing much-needed funding for complex projects and expensive capital projects. Investment projects using these funds must result in providing, increasing and/or expanding access to economic development, education or workforce development programs or services to communities. underserved or economically disadvantaged individuals or groups.

“We know the pandemic has had disproportionate impacts on Black, Indigenous and communities of color and economically disadvantaged groups,said DEED Commissioner Steve Grove. “This funding demonstrates the state’s commitment to a new chapter of equitable economic growth.

Minnesota ACT

Minnesota ACT

A total of 149 proposals were received for the TCCP grant, totaling nearly $175 million in applications. Sixteen were selected, including one submitted by Masjed Abubakr Al-Seddiq, Inc. The organization operates the mosque located on N. Broadway in downtown Rochester. His grant totals $1.5 million.

According to ACT:

Serving the East African community in Rochester, MAAS will use these funds to increase individuals’ access to training and services for their workforce. Renovating the second floor of the current space will expand opportunities for bus driving, child care, home support, and computer/coding training and increase job placement assistance.

“Many excellent proposals were submitted and our team did a thorough review to analyze the applications with significant community input,said Marc Majors, DEED Deputy Commissioner for Workforce Development. “Across the state, these grants will help create spaces where Minnesotans can go for job training, after-school youth programs, and other important services that will make a real difference in communities.”

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