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April 13, 2022

Montana Loans

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In response to Republican talking points about partisanship and the Biden administration’s lack of accomplishments, I wrote earlier about progress on jobs and kids…but that’s just one part of the table. Another achievement was the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Under numerous administrations, Republican and Democrat, Congress has been unable to pass a critical infrastructure bill, leaving us with lead in our water systems, dangerous bridges and an internet system that lags far behind that of many other countries. In fact, our infrastructure system earned a C-score from the American Society of Civil Engineers earlier this year.

Finally, thanks to a growing sense of compromise and a President who has worked very hard on this issue, we are on the road to recovery. What does this mean for Montana?

For Montana residents, that means about $2.82 billion for roads and bridges; $144 million in community airports; $15 million to study Amtrak rail expansion; funds to finance safer drinking water in rural areas, including up to $100 million for the Milk River project; $2.5 billion for carbon capture demonstration projects; $937 million for a large-scale carbon capture pilot project; $2.7 billion in loans to create carbon transport infrastructure; $2.5 billion to complete all authorized settlements of Indian water rights; $31 million for community colleges in Montana; $34 million for tribal colleges.

In addition to doing the necessary work, it is money that flows into our economy. It means jobs and prosperity for the people of Montana. It means an investment in our future.

Gail Trenfield
Saint Ignatius