New Jersey lawyer and a judge dig into cops getting high

April 21, 2022

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He’s a New Jersey State Senator by day, but by night Jon Bramnick is known as “New Jersey’s Funniest Lawyer” and this Saturday night he’ll be appearing at Catch A Rising Star at the Princeton Hyatt Regency with Vince August, a Municipal Court judge who ditched the bench to do stand-up.

Bramnick and August were guests on my radio show New Jersey 101.5 and the controversial topic of “Now that we’ve legalized recreational marijuana, should the New Jersey police be able to get high on their day off?”

You can listen to the request from 0:59:30:

Original photo source Adobe Stock by Iarygin Andrii

original photo source Adobe Stock Iarygin by Andrii

“It’s new because how to tell someone that you can not do something legal?” said August. “We say this because marijuana remains in your bloodstream longer, unlike alcohol, but it does not necessarily mean you harm. »

August, who tours with Trevor Noah, continued with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek.

“Here’s the thing about cops getting high. They eat a lot of donuts like that already. Do we really want these guys to really take that aspect of their lives to the next level?”

“What I do not understand,” said Bramnick, “is if they are allowed to drink alcohol and get drunk as much as they want on Saturday night. How do you claim that they should not marijuana, which is now legal, “I understand that there are demands for it but I do not understand simply. I do not really understand what the difference between them drinking on Saturday night or smoking marijuana. I lost it. “

Photo provided by Jon Bramnick

Photo provided by Jon Bramnick

“The biggest problem here,” August says, “is having cops who are DREs (Drug Recognition Experts) in marijuana because that’s a new thing. That’s a thing with alcohol. , you can pretty much tell when somebody’s drunk. But with pot, you’re gonna have to give these guys all kinds of training. Now anyone can arrest somebody for DWI, but with marijuana, these guys will all need specialized training.

The month of August relativized

“A lot of people I know, I think they’re stoned half the time anyway. And they’re not. They’re just stupid. So we have to be careful with this thing.”

Photo provided by Trevor Noah

Photo provided by Trevor Noah

August then put his tongue back in his cheek.

“If we’re going to have cops, stoned, with guns. We’re going to have guys arresting dragons, we’re going to have guys arresting dinosaurs. We can’t have cops imagining or hallucinating while they’re drive the car shooting at imaginary things. We did it with kids a few years ago with pokemon on their phones chasing imaginary things in the park. Cope is going to do pokemon only they are going to get their ass kicked.

For tickets to see Jon Bramnick and Vince August with a Q&A afterwards, click here.

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