Republican candidates in the final debate for the US House District 1 seat | ABC Fox Missoula

May 21, 2022

Montana Economy

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WHITE FISH, Mont. – Like your hometown election Headquarter, we are counting down to the primary elections in June. RRepublican candidates or the seat of the United States House district in Congress discussed issues affecting ranchers and farmers during their final debate at the Whitefish Performing Arts Center this Friday night.

Each contestant was asked to answer questions about various issues affecting farmers and ranchers in Montana, one of them being mental health.

In one question, candidates were asked how they would address this lingering crisis among farmers and ranchers, especially in rural Montana.

Here’s what they had to say.

“We in the room can do better on the scene, the political scene, the economic scene, we can do better and I also think when you go into the economy they face an economy that we never have been faced before. if they go to a school and work at the job for 10 years, that job may never exist, which actually creates more tension and questions, they go to bed more anxious than ever before,” said Matt Jette, (R)House District candidate.

“It’s a crisis on every level and it comes out of desperation and so it comes down to education and I think again when an individual is cross-trained and self-sufficient they can be successful in another area if a guy company is closing down. they have one backup and go to another,” said House District (R) candidate Mitch Heuer.

“As the only physician in the state legislature for the past 8 years, my role was to push, shoot, kill and carry bills that supported suicide prevention and education that worked on substance abuse and mental health. What we’re learning is there’s a lot we can do at the state level, but the big issue comes down to reimbursement,” said district candidate Al Olszewski. of House (R).

“When they’re told they have to do things with their bodies, I think that’s wrong, it’s overreaching government and we need to look at the bigger picture to find out why the suicide rate is so high. and I really think it’s because of government-reach and people have to go back to managing their own lives, managing their own issues and not being dependent on government,” said Mary Todd (R) House District candidate.

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