3 Crypto Stocks to Buy Before a Crypto Bounce

July 16, 2022

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The dismal performance of the crypto market has not only impacted cryptocurrencies themselves, but also companies that incorporate these assets into their business models. The crypto landscape seems to be changing day by day, but stocks like Coinbase (PIECE OF MONEY 0.69%), Marathon Digital Backgrounds (MARA 0.50%)and To block (SQ 5.70%) are best positioned to capitalize on a potential rebound in cryptocurrencies.


Neil Patel (Coinbase): With down actions a whopping 78% in 2022 (as of July 12), Coinbase tracked the significant weakness that plagued the broader crypto market. But the company has proven it can thrive if the conditions are right, making it a great stock to own in a turnaround scenario.

Coinbase’s business deteriorated in the first quarter, which is part of the reason why the stock took such a beating. In the first quarter of 2022, the company generated 87% of its total sales through transaction fees which depend on the volume of transactions mainly from retail customers on its platform. Unsurprisingly, as the entire digital asset market crashed, investor interest in cryptocurrencies also increased. And that means less activity on Coinbase’s network, which translates to net revenue of $1.2 billion in the first quarter, down 27% year-over-year.

If the crypto market rebounds, it’s not hard to see how Coinbase would benefit immediately. A rise in crypto prices would attract speculators looking to chase the upside yields, resulting in higher fees for the business. In 2021, a strong market for cryptocurrencies, Coinbase generated $3.6 billion in profit on $7.4 billion in revenue, up 1,025% and 545%, respectively, from the last year. The company is undoubtedly affected by the volatility of crypto, but in good times, the finances speak for themselves.

Besides being just a brokerage and exchange operator profiting from rising crypto asset prices, Coinbase’s management team, led by Founder and CEO Brian Armstrong, hopes to build a crypto economy dominated by crypto assets. utility rather than through financial speculation. The goal is to use cryptography to help create a new financial system and application platform.

Additionally, Coinbase Ventures, the company’s in-house investment arm, has made hundreds of investments in crypto businesses around the world. This gives Coinbase even more skin in the game to benefit from if things turn around and valuations rise again. Therefore, it is hard to find better stock than Coinbase that investors should consider in anticipation of a crypto rebound.


RJ Fulton (Marathon Digital Holdings): Marathon Digital Holdings is the largest Bitcoin mining company by market capitalization – and for good reason. Since its inception in 2010, the company has gone through several crypto winters and prioritized innovative business models that are needed in a competitive industry. While in the midst of the current crypto winter, Marathon is still pursuing new ways to stay profitable.

Marathon has been busy for the past two months. The company has begun moving miners from their primary location in Montana to a new facility in West Texas that will offer lower energy costs.

These miners leaving Montana will join 19,000 other miners who are currently awaiting federal approval to get power so they can start mining Bitcoin. Once powered up, the 19,000 miners will increase Marathon’s mining power by nearly 50% from current levels.

To quantify mining power, a statistic known as hashrate is used. Hashrate is measured in exahashes per second (EH/s). It could be compared to the power of a car. Marathon’s current hashrate is only around 3.9 PE/s. This ranks near the top of the industry, but not as high as the company hopes it will be in the future.

The company has set a goal to increase its hashrate to 23.3 PE/s by 2023, an increase of almost 800%. To achieve this, another 49,000 miners are expected to join the 19,000 waiting for power in West Texas by the end of September. And the company does not stop there. Not only does it plan to increase its capacity, but it has also pledged to be carbon neutral by 2023.

Marathon leads an industry that is no stranger to innovation. The widespread crypto downturn has shredded Bitcoin mining company stocks. Companies that continue to innovate are the ones investors should be looking to add to their portfolio if a crypto rebound is on the horizon.

To block

Michael Byrne (Block): Although not as closely associated with cryptocurrency as Coinbase or Marathon Digital, Block (the company formerly known as Square) has a strong claim to be the ultimate Bitcoin stock. It starts with the CEO. Jack Dorsey has been one of Bitcoin’s most ardent and visible supporters in years and has reportedly stepped down as CEO of Bitcoin. Twitter so he can focus more on bitcoin. The company even changed its name from Square to Block to more directly reflect its focus on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. But it’s not just about talking – whether it’s onboarding millions of users to the Bitcoin Lightning Network with Cash App or developing new Bitcoin mining rigs, Block is becoming an increasingly part of more entrenched of bitcoin’s future.

Block brought the Bitcoin Lightning Network, a solution that allows Bitcoin to scale efficiently for small transactions, to Cash App in 2022 and put it in front of over 40 million users. Users of Cash App’s Cash Card products can choose to round up their debit or credit card purchases and use the change to buy Bitcoins. Cash App users can also choose to convert part of their salary into Bitcoin seamlessly. Miles Suter, Cash App’s Crypto Product Manager, said: “This is the biggest rollout of a feature like this to date. With two clicks, you’ll be able to choose a percentage between one and a hundred and boom. , you have finished. ”

Outside of Cash App, Block partners with Telsa on a joint venture to mine Bitcoin in Texas using the company’s Megapacks and solar panels. Elsewhere, Block’s “TBD” business segment is working on ambitious if somewhat esoteric projects like developing what it calls Web5, a bitcoin-centric answer to Web3, and a decentralized bitcoin exchange. It’s important to note that Block is more a play on broader Bitcoin adoption than cryptocurrencies as a whole, as Dorsey is an outspoken Bitcoin maximalist. Also, it’s worth noting that the company’s bitcoin ventures are only a small part of its business today, unlike stocks like Coinbase or Marathon Digital which have much more direct exposure to cryptocurrency.

Block is a boon for bitcoin because it brings millions of new users into the bitcoin network. On the other hand, Block will also benefit from the growing interest and adoption of Bitcoin by the general public, as it is arguably the best known and easiest way for a new user to start getting involved. in bitcoin.