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July 29, 2022

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The inaugural SCOTA was hosted by Western Hemisphere Submarine Leaders (WHEM) from Allied and Partner nations operating submarines to showcase and address national submarine domain capabilities, interoperability challenges and underwater collaboration against strategic competitors in the WHEM.

Vice Admiral William Houston, Commander of the Submarine Forces, kicked off the multinational conference with a word of welcome to participants from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Peru and the United States

“We are all at this conference together because our countries share the same values ​​of democracy,” Houston said. “Our submarine forces all offer unique capabilities and advantages and this conference will allow us all to take a new step in our partnerships while strengthening our ability to operate as a cohesive joint and combined force that can respond to emerging crises if necessary. “

Following Houston’s introduction, a video of Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro was played for attendees thanking them for their time and cooperation while encouraging them to take advantage of the unique opportunity to build knowledge between building relationships between allies and partnerships.

“I want to thank all of the top leaders in the Western submarine domain who are participating in this important conference today,” Del Toro said. “I believe SCOTA will lay the foundation for a renewed sense of collaboration and threat awareness in the underwater realm, so I urge you to make the most of this gathering and continue to grow our security partnerships. vital.”

After two days of presentations and discussions, Rear Admiral Carlos Alfonso Saz Garcia, Commander of the Peruvian Navy Submarine Forces, left the conference with a deeper understanding of the challenges of interoperability and submarine collaboration. Navy Against Strategic Competitors in the Western Hemisphere (WHEM).

“For us, it is very important to participate in this type of gathering, which is the first Submarine Conference of the Americas, because it seeks to unify collaboration between all submarine forces in the Western Hemisphere,” said Saz Garcia. “We have a lot in common, we sail the same seas and have similar submarines. I sincerely believe that SCOTA will strengthen ongoing partnerships and provide a different submarine take on a common security issue across the Americas.

The conference included presentations from several subject matter experts on global threats in the undersea theater, Navy security, the future of combined warfare in the Western Hemisphere, and lessons in hemispheric security. Admiral Daryl Caudle, Commander of Fleet Force Command, was a subject matter expert, who spoke about the advantages and capabilities of participating nations versus potential adversaries.

“One of our major advantages collectively in this room is the capabilities and superiority of our marines in the underwater realm,” Caudle said. “Our competitors cannot replicate or match the advantages we hold in the underwater environment. We all need to have a thorough understanding of the strengths and capabilities of each of our navies, so that we can better integrate when the time comes.

The conference also included a tour of the Virginia-class fast-attack submarine USS Montana (SSN 794), allowing attendees to see the capabilities of the US Submarine Force in person while providing a chance to pose and share questions and ideas.

The Submarine Force carries out the mission of the Department of the Navy in and from the submarine realm. In addition to giving additional capability to naval forces, the submarine force, in particular, should take advantage of the special advantages that come with submarine concealment to enable operational, deterrent and combat effects that the navy and nation cannot. could not get otherwise.

The submarine force and supporting organizations constitute the main submarine arm of the navy. Submarines and their crews remain the tip of the underwater spear.