Volunteer Day touches the surface of needed help in the community

September 23, 2022

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) — To give back to the places it calls home, First Interstate Bank, a community bank with more than 300 branches in 14 states, is hosting its fifth annual Volunteer Day on Wednesday, September 14. First Interstate sites closed that day at noon, giving its employees paid time to volunteer in nearly 400 separate service projects in its communities.

In North Platte, volunteers chose the Salvation Army as the nonprofit organization to help.

Half of First Interstate Bank employees helped out last Wednesday on the city’s North Side, participating in the Kettle Ball and Santa Cop campaigns. The other half worked together at the family’s Salvation Army store, working in the warehouse.

First Interstate Bank of North Platte Business Group Manager Troy Brandt said the Salvation Army people were very grateful for the help.

Salvation Army Major Lynneta Poff said the warehouse contained a huge pile of donations at least a meter high that needed to be sorted.

Lori Gutherless works at the Salvation Army family store. She said that without the help of First Interstate Bank employees, they would still be sifting through the large pile of donations. “They stayed here for four hours and helped us and it was like something we couldn’t do in a week with our staff and everything.”

“It was amazing to have their help and we appreciate it.”

“Today focuses and amplifies the efforts of our wonderful employees, who give generously to the places where they live and work,” said Kevin Riley, President and CEO of First Interstate BancSystem, Inc. “We are honored to celebrate the power of community with our neighbors today.

The overarching philanthropic goal of this year’s Volunteer Day is rooted in the fight against poverty, hunger and homelessness. However, employees have been empowered to select service projects that meet the specific needs of their communities. first highway Volunteer Day Microsite has a comprehensive list of these service projects organized by location, and includes project descriptions, event locations, and on-site points of contact.

Although First Interstate branches will be closed in the afternoon, the Customer Contact Center will be fully staffed and available to assist customers from 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. MT. Customers can also visit ATMs or use online banking or mobile banking app for their immediate banking needs. Regular branch and service hours will resume on Thursday, September 15.

An attitude of gratitude

Giving back on Volunteer Day isn’t just a unique goal for First Interstate; it’s a philanthropic philosophy that employees put into practice every day.

“Investing in our communities, whether through local sponsorships, donations, volunteer efforts or business development, is what makes us who we are – a full-service community bank offering a unique set of products and services, yes, but more importantly, a trusted community partner and neighbor,” Riley said.

Over the past three months, First Interstate has made that commitment a reality through its inaugural “Believe in Local” campaign, awarding 40 separate $25,000 gifts to deserving nonprofit organizations in its service area, totaling of $1 million. First Interstate’s annual Volunteer Day highlights and punctuates these efforts, amplifying the Bank’s impact to levels never seen before.

Making a difference where the bank calls home

In addition to Volunteer Day and Believe in Local, First Interstate supports other innovative philanthropy-focused programs, including Teach kids to save, neighbors to feed neighbors, give them coats and more, and be credit smart.

Additionally, through its Volunteer Matching Program, First Interstate pays nonprofit organizations $10 for every hour that First Interstate employees volunteer at their organizations (minimum 10 hours). First Interstate also matches employee donations to nonprofits and donates 2% of its pretax net income to charities. For more information on how First Interstate contributes to the health and happiness of the places it calls home, please take a look at our Community Dashboard.

About the first highway

First Interstate is a community bank based in Billings, Montana, providing the best banking and wealth management services in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming. With more than 300 offices, First Interstate improves the communities it serves through an innovative corporate philanthropy program, which includes donating a portion of company profits, matching personal financial contributions from employees and the donation of $10 per hour for volunteer efforts in eligible organizations. To learn more, please visit www.firstinterstate.com.

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