Leader for planet, people and economy

October 17, 2022

Montana Economy

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Kelli Hess

This community has earned a reputation as a leader in sustainability and responsible citizenship, not just across the state, but across the country and beyond. What allows this humble city to achieve programs like the zero waste plan Zero by Fifty or to keep almost a million tons of waste out of the landfill? I believe it is our strong and successful citizens who accept responsibility for the planet, people and the economy.

Through Home ReSource, the Community Sustainability Center of Western Montana, and many other nonprofits, people in our area come together to work for a just, vibrant, and sustainable community.

I am proud to announce that I have accepted the position of Executive Director of Home ReSource. I look forward to joining the team and the vast community of supporters at Home ReSource. Together, we will build on the impactful work of those who served before me – the volunteers and staff who built this organization from the dream of two University of Montana students to the thriving center it is today.

As a born and raised Montanese and lifelong Missoulian, I have been blessed to have served our community through the Missoula Food Bank & Community Center and the Missoula Family YMCA. I am thrilled to lead the efforts to realize our shared vision as a community. We see a sustainable future for Western Montana, where the needs of today are met in a way that preserves the possibilities of tomorrow and inspires the future of our children.

We accelerate the transition to a prosperous and sustainable community by creating systems that inflect the linear take-do-waste economy. As we bend the line, we are creating a circular and inclusive economy where resources are reduced, reused, repaired, reused and recycled. In doing so, we reduce greenhouse gases and the demand on our natural resources, while generating meaningful work opportunities. Planet, people, economy.

I look forward to exploring circular economy concepts with you in the months ahead and am proud to help bring this approach and all it stands for into our collective consciousness. But ask your fifth grader or any child who has become a zero waste ambassador thanks to Home ResSource’s ZWAP! program. These children easily understand the “re” values ​​embedded in the circular economy.

Through ZWAP!, our Fix-it clinics, zero waste system initiatives, youth and adult work programs, and of course our largest program, the Building Materials Reuse Store, Home ReSource is leading the sustainability effort through partnerships with many other non-profit and public organizations. Together, let’s continue to innovate. We can be proud to be at the forefront of systems and activities that protect our planet while honoring the worth of each person and our community as a whole.

I’d love to see you at our event on Friday, October 21: Celebrating ReUse, Building Community Auction. Tickets are available here. If not, rest assured you will hear from me again as we together realize our vision of a bright future.

Kelli Hess is the Executive Director of Home ReSource