East Jefferson Property Transfers October 5-13, 2022. See List of Home Sales and Others | Home & Garden

October 27, 2022

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Below is a compilation of properties sold in East Jefferson Parish from October 5-13, 2022. Data is compiled from public records.


Transfers from October 5 to 13


Cris Laur Ave. 125: McKinley J. Cantrell Jr. to Patrick A. Tobler, $140,000.

Huntly Lane 8441: Pamela Doell, David A. Doell and Pamela Blanchard to Thomas O. Prattini, $207,500.

Place Joseph 7031: Crystal I. Hurley, Justin Ingold and Anna L. Ingold to Janet L. Ingold, gift.

Oak Ave. 501-05: Donna L. Palahang, Nicolle Coombs, Laurie Mecum and Nicolle Cooper to Blaise W. Leblanc, $232,500.

Pepsi St. 5624: Stephen A. Pardo to Terrie Mannina, $381,541.49.

S. Clearview Parkway 832, Unit 625: Svetka I. Anderson to Titan Holdings 1. LLC, $51,876.40.

Stratford Drive 628: Luke J. Caruso and Tori M. Caruso to Anna Dobbins, $323,000.


Central Ave. 221: Gail Ouber to Peristyle Residence LLC, gift.

Gelpi Ave. 562: Jay Powers and Christine P. Powers to Byron S. Barrilleaux and Anna BM Barrilleaux, $325,000.

Hyman Drive 626: Fenasci Development LLC to First Rate Renovators LLC, $100,000.

Jefferson Terrace Subdivision, Lot 49, Square 11: Kimberly A. Walker and Michael P. Steely Jr. at Beau Cross, $318,000.

Mallard Drive 144: Marrero Land & Improvement Association Limited to Shemika R. Montana, $69,122.

Markham Ave. 4431: Charles L. Runnels Jr. to Dylon M. Rykosky and Alexandra L. Mahfouz, $365,000.


Billyday Ave. 23: Rey M. Olea and Christian D. Olea to Kevin Wu and Song G. Wu, $290,000.

Connecticut Ave. 3537: Elwood G. Bodenheimer Jr. and Mary E. Bodenheimer to Rafid B. Butrus and Ranan Saleem, $250,000.

Filmore Ave. 312: Freddie Allen Sr., Debra Howard, Tyler Gilbert and Taylor Gilbert to Providence Baptist Church of Kenner Inc., $40,000.

Lake Trail Drive 3801: Dorothy Derouen and William K. Althans to Leonard Waguespack Jr. and Mary Exposito, $341,200.

Morningside Park Subdivision, Lot 39, Square 33: Norma L. Hunt to Princess LJ Porter, gift.

Boulevard Roosevelt. 1709: James C. Layerle and Lyndell J. Layerle to Nelson E. Perez Jr. and Lidia N. Perez, $135,000.

St. Peter Street 4416: Derek M. Delatte and Jennifer Delatte to Robert A. Devlin, gift.

St. Blase Drive 4001: Jude M. Sanchez and Jessica S. Sanchez to Alan E. Fos and Taylor R. Fos, $400,000.

St. Julien Drive 1012: Community Loan Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, $103,333.34.

Texas Ave. 3220: Katherine L. Lugo and Alejandro Lugo to Ali R. Koksal and Ulkuhan I. Koksal, $299,000.

Toby Lane 5033: John C. Picone to Fitz Properties LLC, $200,000.

California Square Condo: Wilson M. Stann Jr. to Farrukh Ijaz and Sadia F. Ijaz, $118,000.

W. Loyola Drive 4125: Elaine Ancona and Anthony C. Ancona Sr. to Timothy W. Crawford, $90,000.

W. Loyola Drive 3825: Susan Mullen to Mikeisha M. Mitchell and Nicholas B. Jackson, $215,000.


27th St. 8809: Ryan C. Marcob LLC to Maria D. Garcia, $162,000.

6th St. 3228: 6th Street Properties LLC in Willwoods Community, $3,000,000.

Airline Park Blvd. 1817: Faye F. Richardson to Shannon Osborn, $278,000.

Andrews Ave. 560: Nina P. Lhoste and Terri Puglia to Brian G. Birdsall, $347,500.

Aris Ave. 542: Blake L. Crombie to Minh T. Nguyen, Kimmy N. Do, Tien T. Nguyen and Kimmy ND Nguyen, $692,000.

Arlene St. 5801: Theodore B. Nichols and Cyanthia B. Nichols to Caroline N. Avegno, $10.

Athania Parkway 2705: HTK LLC to Brejan LLC, $480,000.

Berwick St. 2905: Percy Morris and Pearl J. Morris to Brown Dog Construction LLC, $70,000.

Blanke St. 7100: Happy Homes Construction LLC to Jason Donovan, $299,000.

Bore St. 3509-11: Stephanie L. Durel to Dylan J. Durel and Greg J. Durel II, gift.

Burke Drive 4812: Vivian H. Rogers to Matthew Couch, $225,000.

Canal Street Subdivision, Lot 17, Square 29: Rudolph L. Philibert Jr. to Growth & Grace Acquisitions LLC, $250,000.

Canal Street, no further data: Jefferson Parish to Jaime Parellada Jr., $60,900.

Christine St. 6904: Andre L. Nelson Sr. to Anna M. Nelson, gift.

Condon Ave. 1912: Andrew Martin to Gabrielle N. Bezett and Justin L. Meyers, $325,000.

Cypress St. 3928: Teri V. Giles to Larry M. Richard, gift.

804 Division St.: Darlene Redler and Calvin P. Sekinger to 804 Division St LLC, $175,500.

Eastbank Subdivision, Lot 87A, Square 2: Diondra T. Reynaud to Gilma CN Ramos, $45,000.

Elmeer Ave. 1004: Revitalize Property Solutions LLC to Dia Custom Builders LLC, $230,000.

Fay Ave. 713: Michael Faircloth II to Revamp Investments LLC, $165,000.

Fay Ave. 713: Heather L. Dupuy to Michael Faircloth II, gift.

Giuffrias Ave. 2509: Corey Hirstius to Long LLC, $35,000.

Hall Ave. 1404: Sacy L. Collura, Stacy Farina, Barry J. Collura and Stacy F. Lambert to Heather E. Overton, $215,000.

Heaslip Ave. 4221: Shirley JP Mortellaro to Anthony H. Mortellaro Jr., $50,000.

Henican Place 4625: Theresa Vanasselberg to Rachael Brousse and Kristopher M. Cutrell, $595,100.

Henican Place 4825: Gustave A. Seeber III and Cathy Seeber to Staci Caccioppi and David Harrower, $429,000.

Hesper Ave. 1216: Monetta C. Clark to Kyle J. Kelly and Ashley C. Celestin, $327,500.

Hessmer Ave. 4101: Barbara Caldwell to Carlos O. Streber, $90,000.

4502 Hilton Drive: Susan T. Heflin to Dealty Property Solutions LLC, $100.

Homestead Ave. 611: Richard W. Hartsough and Chelsey LB Hartsough to Charles T. Riggs and Kaitlin P. Riggs, $672,000.

Jacqueline Drive 4436: Robert H. Redditt Jr. and Cynthia V. Landry to Brian B. Shollmier, $278,000.

James Drive 4509: Riechelle Massett and Terry J. Roy Jr. to Jaclyn Boyle and Jason A. Boyle, $275,000.

Kawanee St. 5009: Adriana Yetta, Sylvana Yetta, Sylvana Y. Ruggiero, Gina Yetta, Lydia S. Yetta and Maria C. Yetta to Sergio A. Yetta, $125,000.

Lefkoe St. 4401: Helen SL Valenti, Susan P. Mayoral, Paul G. Mayoral and Helen SR Lofaso to Yuan M. Yu and Jia M. Zheng, $520,000.

Lenora St. 4319: Ronald Bonnette to Richard L. Borne and Brian J. Plauche, $136,000.

Lexington Drive 2808-10: John J. Engert and Claire AE Engert to Rose FSJ LLC, $343,000.

Loumor Ave. 2225: Jennie B. Bryant to Joann T. Friedrichs, $595,000.

Condo Lower Pontalba of Old Metairie, Unit 127: Robert J. Bickham Jr. and Elisabeth W. Bickham in Adelaide C. O’Connor, $485,000.

Manson Ave. 1204: Josephina AA Vazquez, Cesar T. Vazquez and Josefina A. Amara to Cajun Gifts LLC, gift.

Marcie St. 5700: Roxanne MG Marchand to Vincent P. Fernando, $318,000.

Marcie St. 6201: Olga Graham and Olga P. Graham Revocable Living Trust to Daniel A. Coe, $87,000.

Marion St. 3723: Leslie Lachin and Willard J. Nolan to Debra K. Terrell and Troy Terrell, $143,700.

Melody Drive 1409: Frank J. Plaia to Michael J. Burst and Vanessa L. Burst, $250,000.

Metairie Hammond Highway 420: John J. Giambelluca to Lilian Ducos and Rafael S. Ducos, $300,000.

Farm Hammond Highway 420, Unit 320: Vernon A. Valentino and Merrick T. Valentino to Innisfree Land Company LLC, $290,550.

Metairie Ridge Nursery, Zander Tract, no further data: Paul A. Laiche Sr. to Patricia Laiche, $260,000.

Minnesota Ave. 2528: Vivian Highstreet, Gerard A. Highstreet, David A. Highstreet and John A. Highstreet to Mohammad U. Farooq, $135,000.

Mulberry Drive 118: Douglas Leonovicz and Angelina Leonovicz to Raymond J. Jeandron Jr. and Mary Jeandron, $2,427,500.

N. Atlanta St. 1021: J&E Properties LLC to Veronica Morales and Miguel A. Reveles, $247,450.

N. Sibley St. 1405: Thomas G. Schilleci to Janine Signorelli, gift.

N. Oak Drive 5837: Samuel Battle to Lydia J. Moll, gift.

Oaklawn Drive 1025: August J. Diecidue to Gina D. Maher and Patrick K. Maher Jr., $210,000.

Oaklawn Drive 513: Nathan Krasnoff to Paul D. Rodrigue, $266,000.

Old Metairie Drive 916: Andrea M. Garcia to Kathleen Garcia, $250,000.

Owning Your Own Subdivision, Lot 29A, Square 11: Charles B. Washington to Equity Trust Company Custodian, $9,018,000.

Phosphor Ave. 1129: Lisa Munster to Allen O. Krake, $142,500.

Pontchartrain Gardens Subdivision D., lot 16, square 43: Marter V. Mendez to Virginia Perez, gift.

Richard St. 7701: Shelby GH Nelson to Alexander J. Galiouras, $118,050.

Richland Ave. 1116: Philip A. Cerminaro to Stacey Besselman, $380,000.

Ridgelake Drive 1200: Elizabeth B. John to David B. John, gift.

Avenue Rivière 1604: Li Y. Dong to Cui J. Zhang, $100.

Ruth St. 5613: St. Matthew United Methodist Church to Dwayne K. Washington Sr. and Treschere J. Washington, $215,000.

Satsuma St. 1913: Elva T. Olivier to Janusz R. Urbanski and Maria KB Urbanski, $305,000.

Sells St. 2612: Misti L. Moreaux to Ryan R. Couget and Deena Couget, $373,000.

Sena Drive 1004: John M. Cressend and Christy C. Cressend to Oster Developers LLC, $350,000.

Sena Drive 514: Kaitlin Palmer and Charles T. Riggs to Emma Schulz and Thomas J. Piglia III, $480,000.

Senac Drive 5036: Ronnie O. Ortiz and Diana H. Ortiz to Francisco N. Bayona Jr. and Theresia K. Bayona, $390,000.

Thirba St. 821: Samantha EP Divincenti to Kaitlyn M. Seiler, $170,000.

Transcontinental Drive 4617: Tamilita T. Schayot to Cheston T. Schayot, don.

Veterans Heights 8. Subdivision, Lot 16A, Square 200: Cirilo Ramirez and Dania GH Ramirez to Wilmer Hernandez and Maria T. Hernandez, donation.

W. Esplanade Ave. 3409: Joseph L. Brocato to Karina Fatova, $250,000.

White St. 3012: Mary E. Palmisano to Bradley M. Gaudet, $388,000.

Whitney Place 2712: Bridget Wells to Cory B. Armand and Mary Armand, $153,000.

Yale Ave. 1613: Jim P. Rousselle and Franziska R. Rousselle to Rony AB Carranza and Jenny V. Carranza, $260,000.


8606 International Court 8604: International Court LLC to EMN INVS LLC, $205,000.

Hennessey Court 43: Stephanie Coulon to Arc Holdings LLC, $190,000.

Jane Court 10105: George V. Silbernagel III to Lynn J. Silbernagel, gift.

Nelson Drive 200: H&R Real Estate Holdings LLC to Triple Son Properties LLC, $368,000.