State Provides Fall Enrollment Figures For All Montana Schools

November 29, 2021

Montana Economy

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The Montana State Office of Public Instruction has published the total number of all students enrolled in public, private, and home schools.

The KGVO spoke with Montana Superintendent of Public Education Elsie Arntzen about the numbers.

“I am really happy to report that our public school enrollments are on the rise and that means everything that has happened in the last 18 months of the pandemic where we have seen more work at the table of the kitchen and then we had our young kids from kindergarten to college who were mostly at home now have returned, but we’re also looking to see if these are new registrations, ”Arntzen said.

Arntzen singled out the numbers in Montana schools.

“We have the highest for 20 years,” Arntzen said. “We have children in school that include those in public, private and of course our homeschools in Montana and the number stands at 165,336.”

Arntzen said the number of students in Montana public schools has peaked nearly 20 years.

“We can break that down until we have a two and a half percent increase in our public school enrollment,” she said. “This is the highest number of children enrolled in a public school from kindergarten to high school in 19 years, or 149,334.”

Arntzen thanked parents who have chosen public schools for their children and urged them to work with local school boards to improve their children’s education.

“Parents choose public school,” she said. “It just means that that voice on the microphone at school board meetings is there for a reason. There is a reason to say that “Trustees, we want to trust you”. We want our children to be educated in the public school systems in Montana, but that also tells our principals, that they also need to trust parents, that it’s a two-way street, that our parents, our teachers and our school leaders must unite for the education of our children for our future ”.

The real numbers are 149,334 students enrolled in public schools; Montana homeschool enrollment fell from 9,668 to 7,368 students, a drop of 25.3%. This is the second highest number of registrations over the past 30 years, with last year being the highest; the largest increase came from private school enrollment, which rose from 7,600 to 8,364, marking an increase of 13.6%, the highest private school enrollment in 14 years.

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To learn more about how the price of gasoline has changed over the years, Stacker has calculated the figures for the cost of a gallon of gasoline for each of the past 84 years. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (released April 2020), we analyzed the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline from 1976 to 2020 as well as the Consumer Price Index (CPI ) for regular unleaded gasoline from 1937 to 1976, including absolute and inflation-adjusted prices for each year.

Read on to explore the cost of gasoline over time and rediscover how bad a gallon was when you first started driving.

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Ok this could be the catch of the year – Oakland News Now

November 29, 2021

Montana Loans

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Oakland News Now –

Ok this could be the catch of the year

– video made by the YouTube channel with the logo in the upper left corner of the video. is the original blog post for this type of video blog content.

Para más contenido de la NFL en Español, suscríbete a Check out our other channels: NFL Fantasy Football…

Going through IFTTT

Note from Zennie62Media and This video blog post shows the full, live operation of the latest updated version of an experimental network of Zennie62Media, Inc. mobile multimedia video blogging system that was launched in June 2018 This is an important part of Zennie62Media, Inc.’s new and innovative approach to news media production. What we call “the third wave of media”. The uploaded video is from a YouTube channel. When the National Football League (NFL) YouTube video channel uploads a video, it is automatically uploaded and automatically formatted on the Oakland News Now site and on social media pages created and owned by Zennie62. The overall goal here, in addition to our is the real-time on-scene reporting of news, interviews, observations and events anywhere in the world and in seconds and not hours – is use of the existing YouTube social network. graphic on any topic in the world. Now the news is reported with a smartphone and also by promoting the current content on YouTube: no heavy and expensive camera or even a laptop is needed, nor to have a camera crew to film what is already. on Youtube. The secondary objective is faster and very inexpensive production and distribution of media content information. We have found that there is a lag between the length of the post and the production time and revenue generated. With this the problem is much less, but by no means solved. Zennie62Media is constantly striving to improve the system’s network coding and is looking for interested multimedia content and technology partners.

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Arizona ranks # 5 in the United States for increasing home equity

November 27, 2021

Montana Mortgages

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ATTOM, the curator of the nation’s premier real estate database, today released its third quarter 2021 equity and seabed report, which shows that 39.5% of mortgaged residential properties in the United States were considered equity-rich in the third quarter, meaning that the combined estimated amount of loan balances secured by these properties did not exceed 50% of their estimated market value.

The share of mortgaged homes that were equity-rich in the third quarter of 2021 – one in three – was up from 34.4% in the second quarter of 2021 and to 28.3% in the third quarter of 2020.

The report also shows that only 3.4% of mortgaged homes, or one in 29, were considered seriously underwater in the third quarter of 2021, with a combined estimated property-backed loan balance of at least 25% more. than the estimated market for the property. value. That was down from 4.1% of all U.S. homes with a mortgage in the previous quarter and down to 6%, or 17 properties, a year ago.

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Across the country, 46 states, including the District of Columbia, saw stock wealth levels rise from the second to third quarters of 2021, while seriously underwater percentages declined in 39 states. Year over year, fairness levels rose in 49 states, including the District of Columbia, and seriously underwater portions fell in 47 states, including the District of Columbia.

Improvements at both ends of the equity scale represented some of the biggest quarterly gains in two years and provided another sign of the strength of the US real estate market in the third quarter, even as the economy as a whole has only gradually recovered from the damage resulting from the crisis. Coronavirus pandemic that struck early last year.

The increases in equity in the months July through September came as the nationwide median home price rose 4% quarterly and 16% year-on-year, to a new record high of 310,500 $. Median values ​​have increased by at least 10% per year in two-thirds of the country’s metropolitan areas. These ongoing price hikes continued to increase their home equity as they widened the gaps between what homeowners owed on their mortgages and the value of their properties.

Prices have continued to rise over the past year due to lower mortgage rates and the desire of many households to flee virus-prone areas for the perceived safety of a home and yard or to find more space to adapt to new lifestyles of working from home. This has generated a bubble of home buyers looking for a tight supply of properties for sale over the past year and a half, increasing demand and increasing home value and equity.

Some signs of a possible market slowdown have emerged recently in the form of declining housing affordability, increasing foreclosures and falling investor profits. But the price and stock gains in the third quarter shone as prime examples of how the housing market boom continues to intensify over its 10e right year.

“Homeowners in most of the United States could once again sit smiling in the third quarter and watch their balance sheets grow as soaring home prices pushed their equity levels ever higher. Among the best gains in two years, nearly four in ten owners found themselves in stock-rich territory, ”said Todd Teta, chief product officer at ATTOM. “Of course, some uncertainty awaits us, as other key market barometers have been a bit shaky lately. And the coronavirus pandemic remains a threat. But there is no doubt that owners continue to profit greatly from the relentless increases in house prices that we see across the country. ”

Western and Southern States show the greatest improvement in home equity

Eight of the top 10 states where the equity-rich share of mortgaged homes increased the most between the second quarter of 2021 and the third quarter of 2021 were in the West and the South. The states with the largest increases were Utah, where the share of mortgaged homes considered to be equity-rich rose from 45.5% in the second quarter of 2021 to 60.9% in the third quarter, Arizona ( from 39.7 percent to 53.2 percent), Idaho (up 54.2 percent to 65.1 percent), North Carolina (up 28.4 percent to 38.6 percent), North Carolina (up 28.4 percent to 38.6 percent) percent) and Nevada (up 34.9 percent to 44.9 percent).

The states with the richest equity share of mortgaged homes declined the most from the second to third quarters of this year were Kansas (down 31.4 percent to 27.1 percent), Wyoming (down from 29.5 percent to 25.8 percent), Mississippi (down from 26.6 percent to 23 percent), Montana (down 40.8 percent to 38.5 percent) and California (down 53.8 percent to 52.1 percent).

South and Midwest Post Biggest Declines in Underwater Properties

The top 10 states with the largest declines in home equity from the second quarter of 2021 to the third quarter of 2021 in the percentage of mortgaged homes considered seriously underwater were in the South and Midwest. They were led by West Virginia (share of seriously underwater mortgaged homes down 11.7% to 7.1%), Ohio (down 7.8% to 5.4%), l Arkansas (down 8.8% to 7%), Michigan (down 5.4%). at 3.7 percent) and Kentucky (down 7.7 percent to 6.2 percent).

The states where the percentage of seriously underwater homes increased the most from the second to third quarters of 2021 were Mississippi (7.6% to 17.7%), Wyoming (3.6% to 11.5 %), Maine (3.4% to 5.8 percent), Kansas (up 4.6 percent to 6.7 percent) and Montana (up 3 percent to 3.6 percent).

Highest percentage of home equity still in the West; the smallest in the Midwest and South

The West continued to have much higher levels of equity-rich properties than other regions in the third quarter of 2021. Eight of the top 10 states with the highest levels in the third quarter were in the West. , led by Idaho (65.1 percent of mortgage homes were high in equity), Vermont (61.2%), Utah (60.9%), Washington (56.2%) and Arizona (53.2%).

Thirteen of the 15 states with the lowest percentages of equity-rich properties in the third quarter of 2021 were in the Midwest and South, led by Louisiana (19.8% of mortgaged homes), Illinois (21, 5%), Alaska (23%), Mississippi (23%) and Oklahoma (24.7%).

Among 106 metropolitan statistical areas with more than 500,000 residents, 14 of the 15 with the highest shares of mortgage-rich equity-rich properties in the third quarter of 2021 were in the West. The top five were Austin, TX (66.9% high in stocks); Boise, ID (66.7%); San José, California (65.8%); Ogden, UT (62.8%) and Spokane, WA (62.2%). While Austin again led the South, the Northeast region leader remained Boston, MA (48.9%), and the Midwest’s top subway remained Grand Rapids, MI (44.8%).

The 10 metropolitan areas with the lowest percentages of equity-rich properties in the third quarter of 2021 were in the Midwest and South, led by Jackson, MS (10.2% of mortgage homes were equity-rich); Baton Rouge, LA (16.2%); Wichita, KS (17.6 percent); Little Rock, AR (20.2%) and Virginia Beach, VA (21.5%).

The share of mortgaged homes considered to be equity-rich increased from the second quarter of 2021 to the third quarter of 2021 in 95 of the 106 metropolitan areas analyzed (90%), while all but two (98% improved year to year). ‘other.

The main counties rich in equity capital still grouped in the Western region

Of the 1,605 counties that had at least 2,500 homes with mortgages in the third quarter of 2021, 15 of the top 20 equity-rich locations were in the Western region.

The counties with the highest share of equity-rich properties were Nantucket County, MA (76.6% equity-rich); Blaine County, ID (north of Twin Falls) (74.5%); Dukes County (Martha’s Vineyard), MA (74.3%); Valley County, ID (north of Boise) (74 percent) and Gem County, ID (outside of Boise) (71.8 percent).

The counties with the smallest share were Campbell County (Gillette), WY (7.3 percent stock-rich); Geary County (Junction City), KS (7.4%); Madison County, MS (north of Jackson) (8.2%); Hoke County, North Carolina (outside of Fayetteville) (9.6%) and Cowley County, KS (outside of Wichita) (11%).

At least half of all properties considered equity rich in more than 1,900 zip codes

Of the 8,657 US zip codes that had at least 2,000 residential properties with mortgages in the third quarter of 2021, there were 1,948 where at least half of the mortgaged properties were high in equity.

Forty-five of the top 50 were in California, Texas, Massachusetts and Idaho, with 11 of the top 20 in Austin. TX. They were run by zip codes 78746 in Austin, Texas (80.5% of mortgaged properties were high in equity); 94122 in San Francisco, California (80.1%); 78749 in Austin, Texas (79.7%); 94,116 in San Francisco, California (79.4%) and 78,733 in Austin, Texas (79.2%).

Highest seriously submarine shares still in the South and Midwest

Nine of the 10 states with the highest mortgage shares that were seriously underwater in the third quarter of 2021 were in the South and Midwest, led by the Mississippi (17.7 percent severely submarine), the Wyoming (11.5%), Louisiana (10.7 percent), Iowa (8.4%) and Illinois (7.6%). The lowest percentages were in the West, led by Washington (1.2%), Utah (1.2%), Oregon (1.3%), Arizona (1.3% ) and Nevada (1.4%).

Of the 106 metropolitan statistical areas with more than 500,000 residents, those with the largest share of seriously underwater mortgages in the third quarter of 2021 included Jackson, MS (37.3%); Baton Rouge, LA (11.6%); Wichita, KS (8.7 percent); Scranton, PA (8.4%) and New Orleans, LA (8.2%).

Of the 106 metropolitan areas, 93 (88%) showed a decrease in seriously undersea property levels from the second to third quarters of 2021. Seriously undersea rates have fallen, year over year, in 102 of these areas (96%).

Over 25% of seriously underwater residential properties in just 27 zip codes

Of the 8,657 U.S. zip codes that had at least 2,000 homes with mortgages in the third quarter of 2021, there were only 27 locations where more than 25 percent of mortgaged properties were seriously underwater. Four of the 27 were in Cleveland, OH.

The top five zip codes with the largest shares of seriously underwater properties in the third quarter were 04330 in Augusta, ME (72.5% of mortgaged homes were seriously underwater); 66441 at Junction City, KS (64.9%); 39046 in Canton, MI (48.9%); 44108 in Cleveland, OH (47.7 percent) and 39401 in Hattiesburg, MI (47.4 percent).

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Colorado tied for the nation’s 4th highest unemployment rate in September

November 27, 2021

Montana Economy

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A lot changed in the Colorado job market in September. Pandemic unemployment ended, cutting benefits to 107,000 unemployed. Some of the first vaccination warrants have entered into force. And Colorado has gone from the state with the highest layoff and termination rate in the country to the 18th highest.

September’s drop was dramatic and led Colorado to lead the nation in some of the biggest changes in the new job openings and turnover survey, which tracks the number of people hired, fired or resigned in a given month.

Colorado recorded the nation’s largest drop in layoffs and involuntary layoffs (down 42,000 jobs), the fourth highest dropout rate (tied with Alaska), and the third highest drop of job openings, according to an analysis by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Help Wanted Signs in Business Storefronts in Crested Butte, Colorado on Saturday, August 14, 2021 (Dean Krakel, Colorado Sun Special)

Colorado has been everywhere compared to other states. Here are some key metrics and Colorado’s ranking in September compared to August:

  • 18th for layoffs and layoffs in September vs. 1st in August
  • 4th for people leaving their jobs vs August 9
  • 41st job postings vs August 14
  • 26 for hiring rate vs August 17

Another glimpse of how Colorado landed is in the table below. You can compare job postings, hirings, layoffs, and quit rates by tapping the buttons below and selecting different months from the drop-down date box.

If any sort of economic impact can be drawn from all of this, it’s that 20 months after the start of the pandemic, the job market is still very volatile, 20 reminded us Ryan Gedney, senior economist in the department. State of Labor and Employment.

“When there are rankings where in a month it’s the first and the next is the 50th, it’s hard to take too much,” said Gedney. “I would say there is more underlying volatility in trends than (other) surveys.”

Many people still quit their jobs

Some of the numbers follow other trends in the state. The number of unemployed people has been declining for several months, so they have probably found work. The decrease in layoffs has led to a drop in the unemployment rate.

But the decline in the number of jobs or hires seems puzzling, especially since Colorado recorded even higher quit rates in September than in August, said Chris Brown, vice president of policy and research at the Common Sense Institute, an economic and policy research think tank in Greenwood Village.

“It could just be an inconsistency in reporting, or since new business creation is on the rise, these new businesses are not yet factored into the JOLTS survey,” Brown said. “It makes sense that the jobs survey and this JOLTS survey aren’t 100% aligned, but they don’t seem to point in the same overall direction. “

Gedney said it’s best to look at trends nationwide. Hawaii, Montana, and Nevada had higher dropout rates than Colorado. All are counting on tourism, which has intensified all summer to hire workers. Workers have options.

“What is the most important industry in Hawaii? Leisure and hospitality, ”he said. “So, yeah, that does make sense, especially when you see nationally that states with roughly the highest concentration of recreation and hospitality are leading the way in terms of dropout rates.”

In 2018, Colorado ranked sixth among the countries in terms of concentration of recreation and hospitality jobs in the country.

Gedney cautioned against interpreting the data to mean big changes. JOLTS data is based on a smaller survey sample than most economic reports. Changes from month to month should be taken with caution. But it had not been broken down to state level before and that alone provides benefits when measuring economic indicators, he said.

“At least now we have an official metric that can look at this on a monthly basis,” he said. “The number of openings and abandonment rates are valuable because you can calculate the labor constraint. In terms of a higher quit rate, we believe the labor market is tighter due to the openings / unemployed ratio. These are all signs of an economy recovering.

→ Americans always give up – In the United States, this is another record month of people leaving their jobs, with 4.4 million people quitting in September, a rate of 3%, up from 2.9% in August. The economic research firm EMSI Burning Glass calls it “the employee economy” because the unemployment rate is at its lowest for two years with 74 unemployed available for 100 job vacancies. >> The EMSI video report

→ Who stopped? One in five healthcare workers is exhausted and quits their job. >> Atlantic

→ ICYMI: Colorado’s high quit rates, layoffs and layoffs explained. >> READ

Unemployment, as if it were in 1969

The US Department of Labor said Wednesday that the first nationwide jobless claims had fallen to their lowest level in 52 years. Specifically, there were 199,000 initial requests for the week ending November 20, down 71,000 from the previous week and the lowest since November 15, 1969, when initial requests were 197,000 for the week.

Falling below 200,000 also means the United States is back to pre-pandemic unemployment levels.

Now, what caused this decline has not been explained by the Ministry of Labor. Some economists have estimated that the data will change once the seasonal revisions are completed. Others said they would only guess what happened. And some point to an obvious reason: fewer people are unemployed.

It’s not quite the same in Colorado. Preliminary data shows that while initial jobless claims for the week ending November 20 fell to 2,118 claims, they are still above the 2019 weekly average of 1,900.

It’s small business saturday

I vaguely remember when I was a full-time tech journalist when Cyber ​​Monday started. This was probably brought to my attention in a press release from the National Retail Federation, which is credited with launching the new day in 2005 to promote e-commerce. And yes, it was another shopping day invented to get consumers to spend money. I don’t even know when it officially begins or ends because nowadays it seems to occupy the whole month of November.

But the more attentive Small Business Saturday appears to be a more worth promoting day, as most American businesses are small businesses. While I was disappointed to be reminded (after a quick research) that this holiday was also invented for marketing purposes (in 2010 by American Express), the spirit of the day is to support local and small businesses. on this Saturday after Thanksgiving. So, a few thanks and suggestions based on small business sources I interviewed in the past:

  • The Latino Chamber of Commerce in Boulder County organized Latino Passport as a way to highlight local members owned or operated by the Latinx community. While the program is terminated, the list of traders is still running. >> Latino Passport
  • Hope Slinger’s Guide to Denver is a directory of Denver businesses owned by women, people of color, LGBTQ and other giving businesses. It’s a project created by Erika Righter, owner of the eclectic Hope Tank gift shop in Denver’s Baker neighborhood. >> Hope Slinger
  • Colorado Springs downtown location for visitors to shop at its local retailers, when you spend $ 100, $ 70 stays in the community. Also check out other SBS specials in Boulder, Golden, Old Colorado City, Lafayette, Manitou Springs, Glenwood Springs, Denver (via Westword), Brighton, Longmont, to name a few.

The colorados are aging

By 2050, Colorado residents aged 65 and over will double in population to 1.6 million and will exceed the number of children under the age of 16 by 30%, according to the state’s demography office. . Currently, there are 26% more children under 16 than adults 65 and over.

Here is our past, present and forecast of our age:

We are aging, as are the state workforce. This is why a number of organizations stress the need for age-friendly workplaces and state policies to prevent information that could lead to age discrimination from being requested on job applications.

Some of the efforts were halted during the pandemic, but many have returned and you will be able to see proposed legislation in the next session, said Janine Vanderburg, director of Changing the Narrative, an organization fighting ageism in the workplace. .

“There is a coalition of partners, of which Changing the Story is a part, who are working on legislation to remove age identifiers, like high school graduation dates, from job applications,” she declared.

If you missed the most important story about older workers in Colorado, you can read it here: “Looking for a job in Colorado when you’re over 50”

If you’re in the workforce, iAging’s Karen Brown offered some additional suggestions:

  • WAHVE – A recruitment agency putting “period professionals” in touch with companies that are looking for qualified workers and that offer advantages such as remote work. >>
  • Distinguished Legal Advisor Program – Recruitment firm Gibson Arnold & Associates hires experienced lawyers who are nearing retirement and need short-term legal work. The fees tend to be much lower than hiring an in-house lawyer. >> DETAILS
  • NOWCC – The National Older Worker Career Center connects professionals aged 55 and over with part-time and full-time jobs across the country. >> DETAILS
  • CAFE approved – More and more companies are certified by the Age Friendly Institute for workplace policies that offer flexibility and welcome older workers. >> See the list

Thanks for reading and see you next week. ~Tamara

We believe vital information must be seen by those affected, whether it is a public health crisis, investigative reporting or empowering lawmakers. This report depends on supporting readers like you.

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TC Energy Advances $ 15 Billion Trade Lawsuit Over Canceled Keystone XL | State

November 26, 2021

Montana Loans

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These are the 23 states with little to no protections for LGBTQ people – 24/7 Wall St.

November 26, 2021

Montana Lending

Comments Off on These are the 23 states with little to no protections for LGBTQ people – 24/7 Wall St.

Special report

Progress has been made in improving the civil rights of LGBTQ Americans in recent years, including in 14 states, including Illinois, Minnesota, and Colorado, as well as at the federal level. A landmark 2015 Supreme Court ruling extended all rights and benefits of marriage to same-sex couples, and in 2020 the High Court ruled that Americans can seek recourse for employment discrimination based on l sexual orientation or gender identity through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (Discover other ways American life has changed over the past decade.)

However, not all states protect their LGBTQ residents. In Pennsylvania, where on November 11, 36-year-old Angel Naira became the 47th transgender or gender nonconforming person to be violently killed in the United States this year. identity. (These are the states with the most hate groups per capita.)

Keystone State also lacks LGBTQ protections in other areas, including adoption and foster care. Despite this, Pennsylvania actually ranks middle when it comes to LGBTQ equality. The Movement advancement project, a nonprofit civil rights group, has identified nearly two dozen states that offer less civil protections to their LGBTQ residents than Pennsylvania.

Many of these states exclude LGBTQ people from their anti-discrimination laws. Others have passed laws that specifically target people based on their sexual orientation and / or gender identity. Additionally, many states still allow conversion therapy, a pseudoscience that attempts to change sexual orientation, and allow defendants to claim temporary insanity when charged with assault or murder if the victims were people. LGBTQ making unwanted sexual advances.

Click here to see the 23 states that offer little or no protections to LGBTQ people

To identify states where LGBTQ communities have the least legal protections, 24/7 Wall St. examined the non-discrimination laws (or lack thereof) in each state, as reported by the Movement Advancement Project in early November. 2021. The percentage of each state’s LGBTQ population comes from data released by the UCLA Williams Institute School of Law, and is current as of July 2020.

Note that the specificities cited for each state are not exhaustive. Either way, there are additional examples of how LGBTQ communities lack legal protection.

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Stores launch Black Friday but pandemic woes persist | national news

November 26, 2021

Montana Economy

Comments Off on Stores launch Black Friday but pandemic woes persist | national news

NEW YORK (AP) – Retailers are expected to usher in the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season on Friday with larger crowds than last year in one step closer to normalcy. But the fallout from the pandemic continues to weigh on the minds of businesses and buyers.

Driven by strong hires, healthy salary gains and substantial savings, customers are returning to the stores and splurging on all types of items. But the spike also resulted in limited selection across the board as vendors and retailers were caught off guard.

Shortages of shipping containers and truckers have helped delay deliveries as inflation continues to climb. The combination of not finding the right item at the right price – plus a labor shortage that makes it harder for businesses to meet customer needs – could make the mood less festive.

According to Aurélien Duthoit, senior sector advisor at Allianz Research, buyers are expected to pay on average between 5 and 17% more for toys, clothing, appliances, televisions and other purchases on Black Friday this year compared to last year. . TVs will experience the highest price hike on average, up 17% from a year ago, according to the research firm. This is because all available discounts will be applied to products that are already expensive.

“I think it’s going to be a messy holiday season,” said Neil Saunders, Managing Director of GlobalData Retail. “It will be a little frustrating for retailers, consumers and workers. We will see long lines. We’re going to see some messy stores. We will see delays as you collect orders online.

For years, Black Friday has lost its importance. Since 2011, stores have kicked off the holiday shopping season by opening their doors on Thanksgiving to compete with Amazon and other growing online threats. But the change simply cannibalized Black Friday sales. The buying windfall was further diluted as stores began to market Black Friday sales throughout the week and then later in the month.

The pandemic has further diminished the importance of the Black Friday event, although some experts still believe it will be the busiest day of the year again. Last year, retailers started running the big holiday sales earlier in October in an attempt to spread purchases for security reasons and smooth out spikes in online shipping. They also got rid of the Thanksgiving Day in-store shopping event and pushed all of their discounts online. This year, retailers are adopting a similar strategy, although they are now also offering holiday discounts in stores.

Despite all the challenges, experts believe sales for Thanksgiving week and the season overall will be strong.

Retail sales in the United States, excluding autos and gasoline, last Monday through Sunday are expected to increase 10% from a year ago and 12.2% from the 2019 holiday season, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse, which measures overall retail sales for all payment types, including cash and check.

Online sales are forecast to increase 7.1% for this week, a slowdown from the massive 46.4% gain recorded a year ago when shoppers collectively turned to the internet instead of shopping in person. , according to Mastercard. For the entire holiday season, online sales are expected to increase 10% from a year ago, up from 33% last year, according to the Adobe Digital Economy Index.

Black Friday sales are expected to increase 20% from a year ago as store traffic returns.

For the period of November and December, the National Retail Federation, the country’s largest retail group, predicts that sales will increase between 8.5% and 10.5%. Holiday sales rose 8.2% in 2020 when shoppers, stranded at the start of the pandemic, spent their money on pajamas and housewares.

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Five Democratic senators on the verge of sinking Saule Omarova, Biden’s banking candidate: report

November 25, 2021

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At least five moderate Democratic senators have reportedly told the White House that they will not support its beleaguered candidate for head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Such opposition within his own party would effectively kill the appointment of Saule Omarova as head of the powerful banking regulatory agency.

According to According to a report released Wednesday night by Axios, the five Democratic senators include three members of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs.

The Democratic senators on the panel who are expected to approve Ms Omarova’s appointment, according to Axios, are Senators Jon Tester of Montana, Mark Warner of Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

The other two Democrats reportedly opposed to Ms. Omarova are Senators John Hickenlooper of Colorado and Mark Kelly of Arizona.

Axios reported that senators informed the chairman of the banking panel – Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat from Ohio – and / or officials in the Biden administration of their opposition.

But the White House still publicly supports their candidate of Soviet origin.

“The White House continues to strongly support his historic appointment,” a White House official told Axios. Ms. Omarova “has been treated unfairly since her appointment with unacceptable red bait from Republicans as if it were the McCarthy era.”

Ms. Omarova is a professor of law at Cornell University and has written extensively on oversight of the private banking sector and the use of federal regulatory powers over it to foster leftist political initiatives.

She also said she wanted the fossil fuel industry to go bankrupt to tackle global warming and that she would support blocking credit to “sub-optimal” industries such as arms dealers.

“The powers of the Comptroller of the Currency are enormous: the power to decide who opens a bank account, who does not; what types of loans can and cannot be offered, ”said Senator Patrick Toomey, Republican of Pennsylvania. “The possibility of exercising a radical ideology through the powers of the Comptroller of the Currency is frightening.”

In a hearing last week, Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana asked Kazakhstan-born Ms. Omarova, who graduated from Moscow State University in 1989, about her membership in communist youth organizations.

Mr Kennedy said at one point that Ms Omarova joined a Marxist Facebook group in 2019 “to discuss socialist and anti-capitalist views”.

“I don’t know if I should call you ‘teacher’ or ‘classmate’, he told her.

“Senator, I am not a Communist,” she declared.

Ms. Omarova denied being a Communist and told Mr. Kennedy, “I couldn’t choose where I was born. I do not remember having joined a Facebook group adhering to this ideology… my family suffered under the communist regime.

The offices of the five Democratic senators appointed by Axios declined to comment or did not immediately respond to a request for comment, the news site wrote on Wednesday evening.

Kerry Picket contributed to this report.

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The power of Jane Campion

November 24, 2021

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The 12-year period between Jane Campion’s last feature film, her 2009 masterpiece Shining star (a staggering achievement that in itself should have rained the skies and rained down money on the New Zealand-born, Australia-based and London-based writer-director) – and her latest, a heartbreaking adaptation of the eponymous novel by Thomas Savage in 1967, is one of the great parodies of contemporary cinema. Between these feature films, she co-wrote and co-directed two seasons of Top of the lake; Despite the myriad virtues of the limited TV series, it felt like a consolation prize for those of us who were in desperate need of more of Campion’s cinematic mastery.

But we finally got more. And fortunately, The power of the dog– among the best movies of the year, if not the best – was screened in theaters ahead of its Netflix premiere in December. I’m only mentioning this because it’s crucial that the film be seen on the big screen, in total darkness and surrounded by strangers, who all agreed that this brief period belongs to Campion, and we’re just humble witnesses of its alchemy. She hasn’t compromised anything by partnering with the streaming giant, having made a film that embraces the majesty of cinema and, more importantly, cinema, from its provocative cast to gripping cinematography (directed by Ari Wegner, whose recent credits include Zola, Lady Macbeth, and several episodes of The Girlfriend Experience) to Jonny Greenwood’s equally delicate and menacing score, all of which grow larger than life in the sacred halls of the moving image.

Tthe power of the dog
4/4 stars
Real. Jane Campion, 126 min. Coming to Netflix 12/1, now playing on Music box theater, 3733 N. Southport, $ 11, and other select theaters.

Brothers Phil and George Burbank (Benedict Cumberbatch and Jesse Plemons, respectively) were wealthy cattle ranchers in 1925 in Montana. At the start of the film, Phil celebrates with rage the quarter of a century they have spent working together on their massive ranch. Despite his rude demeanor and a predilection for calling his brother “Fatso,” Phil seems most invested in their unusually close relationship. George, on the other hand, emanates dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, reluctant to dwell on the past like Phil does. When Phil regales their team with stories about Bronco Henry, the brothers’ former mentor, an almost mythical Western eidolon who comes to haunt history like a specter of desolation and repression, George can’t seem to remember those so-called happy days. . . Plemons’ low-key, almost jaded decorum is a perfect replica of Cumberbatch’s arrogant bluster, the tension in their relationship evident via the carefully constructed dynamic between the actors. The tension lingers like the menacing twangs from Greenwood’s soundtrack.

The brothers drive their cattle to a nearby town, where they and their team stay at an inn owned by Widow Rose (Kirsten Dunst), who operates it with her teenage son Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee). George takes a liking to Rose, and Phil watches these developments unfold in dismay after harassing his son for serving the ranchers with a white sheet draped over his arm. Tall, gangly, and awkward, Peter is clearly targeted for characteristics suggesting sensitivity, weakness, and (though never explicitly articulated) homosexuality.

Smit-McPhee’s performance is a Campionesque rendering if there is one; this auspicious young actor embodies the idea of ​​homosexuality, not in terms of the character’s undisclosed sexuality, but in a general state of being set apart, inherently at odds with the world around you. Peter is another figure in a pantheon of characters, including titular Sweetie from Campion’s first feature film (1989); Holly Hunter’s Ada The piano (1993); and Meg Ryan’s Frannie from the Terribly Underrated in the cut (2003) – which seem to be as enigmatic for Campion as they are for us.

George and Rose get married, and she and Peter move into the menacing big cowboy brothers’ house, set in a mountainous panorama (although it was filmed in New Zealand, Campion’s installation with the frame obscures everything. doubt surrounding geographic anachronism). Peter goes to school, while Rose struggles to adjust not only to her new home, but to her new lot in life. She is uncomfortable being served by household staff and being supposed to play the piano for the visiting governor (who, when he turns up, is played by Keith Carradine). Meanwhile, Phil wage a devious psychological war against Rose, retaining any kind of family affection and looming himself beside her, above her, in the dark country house. She is driven to drink by his malicious behavior, lying down in fits of despair.

Peter returns home and experiences the same dissonance as an object of continued contempt for Phil and the hands of the ranch. But he reacts differently from his mother and gains influence over Phil after stumbling upon his secret hiding place in the woods. It is almost reductive to discuss the discovery in question, magazines of half-naked men exercising, as well as a revelation only the public is aware of, a scene of Phil indulging himself with a seemingly beloved handkerchief and well worn (which he takes straight from his pants), embroidered with the initials “BH. Bronco Henry. Inferable but no less provocative development, the psychosexual always flirts with the nebulosity of being in Campion’s films.

This exhibition sets in motion a chain of events which, for lack of a more appropriate phrase, will keep viewers spellbound. These events have inspired critics to invoke phrases such as “revisionist Western” and “toxic masculinity” to describe The power of the dog; the qualifiers may apply to this often impenetrable masterpiece, but they seem inappropriate nonetheless. The film is more like a menagerie of oblique studies of characters, each of the adults leading an animal in its own cage. Despite all his salt-of-the-earth machismo, Phil actually has more in common with Peter than he suggests, having received a classical education and therefore apparently quite intelligent. Peter aspires to be a doctor like his late father, but, unlike Phil, he opts for the rigor of study to the vagaries of manual labor. The two may or may not share a certain innate quality that at the time and in this place was decidedly taboo.

As Rose, Dunst shows the subtle vulnerability that explains his superb talent and the underappreciation of it. The film ostensibly focuses on its male characters, but, as in Campion’s films, the central female figure comes across as an equally complicated figure, if not more. Smit-McPhee also balances confrontational postures, gracefully oscillating between a shy and set-up misfit and a doomed protector of the sanity of his remaining parents. It helps that Smit-McPhee’s unusual beauty complements this goal, though her striking physical presence never overwhelms the delicate undertone.

There’s a lot of noise about Cumberbatch’s performances, but I think he’s the weakest of the main four (Plemons is excellent as always, disappearing into the role as needed; his on-screen chemistry with his real-life partner Dunst is even more additive). Adhering to Campion’s typical demand for his performers’ method of action, Cumberbatch spent a lot of time in the American West and even learned how to castrate a bull, lending credibility to the most gruesome scene (but thankfully simulated) of the film. He does too much sometimes, but maybe it is intentional, he stands out from the other actors, which reinforces the effectiveness of their subtlety as well as his strangeness. Cumberbatch plays Phil aware that Phil is unaware of himself: that there are others who know, or at least suspect, who he really is.

The film’s title hints at an imperceptible form in the rugged Montana hillside landscape, a mystery obscured by the perilous terrain. Campion’s use of the frame here evokes those great masters John Ford and Anthony Mann. Shots of Phil and Peter in barn, backlit against clear blue sky and light green mountains, recall a famous Ford shot Researchers, while Campion’s use of the landscape as a psychological ubiquitous evokes Mann’s best westerns (The Furies, Bend of the river, The distant land). The score of a film is often seen in such complementary terms, and Greenwood’s pungent cue suggests a voyeuristic presence. This is the second soundtrack he composes this year, after that of Pablo Larraín Spencer. He quickly becomes the Philip Glass of his generation, his ominous accompaniments are an appropriate barometer of the impulses of the respective author.

The power of the dog is already being selected for the next awards season, with some nominations slated for Campion and key players. Normally, I don’t care how likely a director is to potentially win awards, but I can’t help but be excited about the prospect for Campion and his long-awaited masterpiece, not least because it could mean that ‘it is able to achieve even more functionalities. Pushed into making this film adaptation after reading Savage’s novel (a feat previously considered by none other than Paul Newman), she once again buried herself in that dark crevice amid the grim and the beauty, the darkness and light. The mystifying interiors of his finely drawn figures elegantly merge with the peculiarities of his aesthetic vision, but often with a disturbing effect. Hence comes another sublime ode to the intricacies of humanity, after which there will hopefully be more to come.

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Ministry of the Interior approves the 2nd major US offshore wind farm | national news

November 24, 2021

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The Biden administration on Wednesday approved an offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island as part of a plan to deploy 30 gigawatts of offshore wind power by 2030.

The US Department of the Interior has announced that it has approved the construction and operation of the South Fork Wind Project, the Department’s second approval of a commercial-scale offshore wind power project in the United States. . Last week, the department launched the first commercial-scale offshore wind project off the coast of Massachusetts.

Seven large offshore wind farms are said to be developed on the east and west coasts of the United States and in the Gulf of Mexico as part of a plan announced last month by the Biden administration to build infrastructure, create jobs and combat global warming. Deploying 30 gigawatts of offshore wind power would produce enough electricity to power more than 10 million homes.

The South Fork Wind project will be located approximately 19 miles (30 kilometers) southeast of Block Island, Rhode Island, and 35 miles (56 kilometers) east of Montauk Point, New York. It is expected to provide around 130 megawatts, enough power for around 70,000 homes.

America’s first offshore wind farm opened off Block Island in 2016. But with five wind turbines, it’s not on a commercial scale. Orsted, the Danish energy company, has acquired Rhode Island-based developer Deepwater Wind and now operates the wind farm.

Orsted is developing the South Fork Wind project with the Eversource utility. The Home Office has approved up to 12 turbines. Rhode Island coastal regulators gave the project critical approval this spring despite objections from the fishing industry and some environmentalists.

Commercial fishing companies have said offshore wind projects planned off the east coast will make it difficult to harvest valuable seafood species such as scallops and lobsters. Some conservation groups fear the large turbines will kill the birds.

The project off the coast of Massachusetts, Vineyard Wind 1, is expected to produce around 800 megawatts, enough electricity for more than 400,000 homes. The first stages of construction will include laying two transmission cables that will link the wind farm to the mainland.

The administration plans to review at least 16 plans to build and operate commercial offshore wind power facilities by 2025.

“We have no time to waste on cultivating and investing in a clean energy economy that can sustain us for generations,” Home Secretary Deb Haaland said in a statement. “Just a year ago, there were no large-scale offshore wind projects approved in US federal waters. Today there are two, with several more on the horizon. . “

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